Finally, spring is here and time for us to get back out camping!  There was some difficulty nailing down the actual dates we would be camping so I wasn’t left with too much time to plan.  Fortunately, when I was finally ready to book, I was able to secure Site 65, the very last available site at Myrtle Beach State Park!  So exciting!

When we first arrived at the park and I saw Site 65, I was a bit worried as it was located on the main road close to the entrance, however, after we got everything set-up I realized that it was actually a very cool site.  We had one of the shortest walks to the beach and since we had a corner spot, we had more space to spread out.  Love it!

Kickin’ It in Site 65 – Myrtle Beach State Park, SC

Once we had the site set up, we all grabbed our books and tablets to get outside and enjoy the glorious weather.  And the best part?  No pesky bugs!  Not sure how that happened but that decided that we would spend the majority of our time outdoors!

After relaxing for a while and preparing an easy BBQ burger dinner, the kids and I headed to the beach to play Frisbee.  We watched the sky turn magnificent colors as the sun set before heading back to camp.  Bats swooped and dived overhead catching their evening meals.  What a great end to the day!

Short Walk to the Beach! – Myrtle Beach State Park, SC


Lilly Rose Enjoying the Water – Myrtle Beach State Park, SC

Next morning I was up early to partake in my FAVORITE beach camping activity.  The family was still sleeping so I slipped out with our dog, Lilly Rose to enjoy a long walk on the beach.  There were a few people and dogs out and Lilly enjoyed meeting some friends and getting her paws in the water.

Back at camp, it was time for a few chores; prepare breakfast, get the roast into the Crock Pot and clean the kitchen.  That was it!  My work was done and it was time to settle into my camp chair and read to my heart’s content.  What a luxury!

Kids Looking for Shark Teeth – Myrtle Beach State Park, SC

Drake & Mia decided they wanted to go to the beach so I grabbed my chair and we went.  The water seemed chilly to me, however, the kids jumped right in.  While they were having fun, I decided to try my hand at finding shark teeth.  Myrtle Beach is known for being a fantastic place to locate teeth.  I watched some kids who were working together in a shell bank and noticed their bag of teeth so I asked for a few tips and got to work.

It was not as easy as I thought it would be, however, right about the time I was going to quit, I saw something shiny and black fall out of the wet handful of sand I held.  The receding water started to pull it back into the ocean but I was able to snatch it away.  There in my hand was an amazing specimen!  I couldn’t wait to show the kids!

Back at camp, we enjoyed another perfect afternoon and evening in camp.  Dinner outside, fire in the pit, games and stories.  It doesn’t get much better than this!

Cannonball Jelly with Ghost Crab – Myrtle Beach State Park, SC

Saturday was another picture-perfect day.  This morning I had Mia join me for my requisite beach walk and we decided to head north.  We saw many Cannonball Jellyfish washed up on shore.  We later learned from a ranger that these non-stinging jellies had come to the end of their natural lives and that is why they are so large and in such numbers.  When we bent down to take a closer look at one of them, we saw a crab picking away at it.  A great example of the “circle of life.”

Damage to Springmaid Pier – Myrtle Beach, SC

Our walk took us to Springmaid Pier which had been severely damaged during Hurricane Matthew.  It was sad to see that over half the pier was missing.

Sculpted Oak Trail – Myrtle Beach State Park, SC

After a leisurely breakfast, the family decided to leash-up Lilly and try out the Sculptured Oak trail.  This short half-mile one-way trail is easily accessed from the campground and connects to the other park trail called Yaupon.  This preserved block on maritime forest is beautiful.  As we walked through  oaks, wax myrtles, poplars and magnolias, we watched for the interpretive signs to learn more about what we were seeing.  The beautiful dappled shade kept us cool as we enjoyed our hike.

We arrived back at the Activity Center just in time for the Park Jeopardy program. Drake and Mia are working on the third and final level of the South Carolina Junior Ranger program and attending a program was something they still needed to complete.  There were only two other kids so I got to participate as well.  We learned so much!

Tip: Kids will not want to miss out on the Patch Program at Myrtle Beach State Park.  Unique only to this South Carolina State Park, kids that attend three park programs will receive a Myrtle Beach State Park Habitat Patch.

Drake & Mia Enjoying the Waves – Myrtle Beach State Park, SC

Now it was time to cool off.  The family packed up the chairs and the dog and we headed for a fun afternoon at the beach.  The kids enjoyed the waves while Troy and I enjoyed the sunshine.  I looked for more shark teeth but was unsuccessful.

The late afternoon was splendid so Drake lit a campfire and we all settled down in our chairs with books and tablets and enjoyed the seriously perfect (and relatively bug-free) afternoon.  I didn’t even want to think about us having to leave the next day!

Myrtle Beach State Park Pier, SC


Fisherman on Myrtle Beach State Park Pier, SC

Another glorious morning broke over the Atlantic and my beach partner, Mia, came along for our last beach walk of the trip.  We decided to start our day with a walk on the Myrtle Beach State Park pier.  After looking around the well-stocked gift store, we continued out to the pier to see what the fishermen were catching.  Sea Trout was the catch of the day!

We made our way back down to the shore and I told Mia that I wasn’t leaving without finding at least one more shark tooth.  It was the perfect time to be out looking and we ended up finding six within a few minutes.  We were so excited!

Our Shark Teeth – Myrtle Beach State Park, SC

After a delicious Easter breakfast, it was time to pack up and head home.  This moment was bittersweet as our trip to Myrtle State Park seemed magical and I wasn’t ready to break the spell.  There was Easter activities to attend to at home so we left reluctantly.  All I can say is that we will certainly be returning!

Additional Information about Myrtle Beach State Park:

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Myrtle Beach offers six rental cabins, located 200 yards from the beach!  They are completely furnished, heated, air-conditioned, and supplied with bath and bed linens, basic cooking and eating utensils and TV. Click here to see to learn more about cabin options!

One of the Quaint Cottages at Myrtle Beach State Park, SC