Folly Beach Pier – South Carolina

The Fletcher family is excited to announce that a job transfer has us relocating to Charleston, South Carolina! As you can imagine, this is going to be quite a life change for all of us. We have embraced this change and see the exciting opportunity to explore a new region of the United States not just by RV, but also by boat. I have been reading about several “boat-in” campgrounds which sound intriguing.

As the news was sinking in, we realized what an awesome opportunity we have been given. Rather than just driving across the country, we could camp our way across instead! Troy began shopping for used trailers that would fit into our budget while providing us with more living space and bunk beds for the kids. We visited some dealers where we did find some options but before we made a purchase, we decided to go check out a 27″ Jay Flight trailer and we were sure glad we did!

Exciting to purchase this 27′ Jayco Bunkhouse – CA

This 2006 trailer was perfect for our needs. It had bunk beds (the kids can finally have their own space), a sofa (needed that extra place to sit), and a walk around bed for Troy and I. The original owners were the sellers and had taken great care with only a few small items needing fixed.

Tip: When purchasing a used RV or trailer, make sure you have the opportunity to confirm that large ticket items such as: refrigerator, air conditioning, water, and any electrical items are in working condition. Don’t forget to also check the condition of the roof and tires. And finally, check under the RV or trailer for any water leaks and smell around the propane tanks for gas leaks.

Now that we have our trailer and our move is progressing, I am planning our epic cross-country trip. We will be traveling to Orem, Utah first to visit family, then taking Highway 40 through Colorado. From there we plan to travel to US-70 to cross the balance of the country. And this is where you join in! Do you know of a “must-see” along our route? We would love to hear your ideas! Please post your suggestions in the comment box.

We begin our journey mid-July. You are all invited to come along with us! I will be sharing as we go and look forward to telling you about all of our adventures.