Our Moving Truck

My day began around 3 A.M. with my mind racing with all sorts of to-do’s and emotions. With all the planning, phone calls and emails that led up to today, it dawned on me that I hadn’t give much thought to the actual moving out. It was then I truly realized how much family history we had accumulated here.  This  was the first home Troy and I purchased as husband and wife, where we brought our twin babies home from the hospital, where we said goodbye to three beloved pets and celebrated a myriad of milestones and holidays.  Yes, I would miss this house.

Leaving Huntington Beach, CA

At 7 A.M., the moving truck rolled up and the chaos began. One by one, each box and piece of furniture was plucked from the house and rolled up into the truck. I tried to distract myself by organizing the trailer but my attention was drawn to the incredibly large truck as it slowly filled with everything that we own. By mid-afternoon, our house of eight years laid bare. It was then the reality hit me.  I would be locking the door of this house for the last time and when we drove away, this vacation would be ending with our new life in South Carolina.

Traffic Stopped on Highway 15, CA

By the time we finally hit the road, we encountered the normal crawling traffic of Orange County. After our slow ascent over Cajon Pass, we felt like we were actually making some progress. Then suddenly, the traffic in front of us came to a dead stop. Soon, emergency vehicles rushed past and we realized it had to be an accident.  About 20 minutes later, traffic started to inch forward and we saw the carnage. Somehow a camper towing a boat had the top corner of their rig ripped off. Their mattresses and their personal items were strewn off the right side of the road while their battered vehicle was against the left guardrail. It was a sad sight to see and we sent up a little prayer for the people involved.

After a quick stop for dinner in Barstow, we chased the night. Around 11 P.M. we rolled into the Hitching Post RV Park located in North Las Vegas NV. I have to give a shout-out to Michael and Peter. They knew we were coming from California and even though they usually take campers until 9 P.M., Peter stayed until 11 P.M.to check us in. I was extremely grateful after our long day on the road.

Hitchin’ Post RV Park – Las Vegas, NV


Swimming Pool at Hitchin’ Post RV Park – Las Vegas, NV

Around 5:30 A.M., morning sun streaming  through the window over the door (we need to find a cover for that) woke me up. While everyone was still sleeping, I headed to the showers which were delightful.  Not only were they clean but had great water pressure and plenty of hot water.  Too bad we didn’t have time for a swim in the large saltwater pool .  It was old school with depths up to 9 feet and looked really refreshing!

View of the Hitching Post Campsites – Las Vegas, NV

Tip: Hitching Post RV Park allows pets, has an on-site restaurant, and Wi-Fi (which for some reason I could not get to connect).  The campground does not offer shade from the hot Nevada sun and the sites are pretty close together but well maintained),

Back on the road heading across the hot Nevada desert. Utah here we come!