It always seems that when my family is in the throes of packing for our RV Adventures, our excitement to “get on the road” leads us to move up our departure date. This trip was no different. The family decided we would leave late afternoon Tuesday rather than Wednesday morning. This would break up our planned 9 plus hour drive from Huntington Beach to Flagstaff. Besides the benefit of cutting our drive time in half, we already had a place in mind to stay – Pirate Cove Resort & Marina in Needles, CA. Troy had won a free night from an RV Show we attended last year and wanted to check the place out. When I located the certificate, I realized it had expired. Fortunately, I called Pirate Cove Resort and they said they would gladly honor it!

When I awoke on Tuesday morning, I learned that my mild sore throat that I had for two days was now raging to the point I could barely talk. I dragged my sick self to the urgent care, was diagnosed with Strep, and prescribed a Z-Pack. Being sick didn’t stop me from dragging myself through the rest of the shopping and packing chores. We finally hit the road around 3pm even though it was not the best time of the day to head out. Yes, traffic was bad but I didn’t care. I was so ready to stop moving and doze. Thankfully my husband allowed me to rest while he battled the traffic out of town.

We decided to try a new idea this trip that my husband thought of regarding dinner. We purchased a frozen lasagna from Costco earlier in the day and put it in the trailer’s turned off oven to defrost. When we stopped for gas in Barstow, CA he lit the oven, turned it on and prepared the tray to begin cooking. Another hour up the road, we pulled into the postage stamp size town of Ludlow, CA (population 10) where we parked under the canopy of a deserted gas station. How did his dinner idea work out? Brilliant! All he needed to do was remove the foil and give it a few more minutes in the oven to brown and voila! Hot Lasagna dinner. Let’s just say, this is going to be a permanent addition to all of our trips.

Remnant of the Past

Remnant of the Past

Setting Sun

Setting Sun

After dinner, we did a final stretch break and the kids and I checked out the ant hills and read the historical plaque regarding the mining history of Ludlow. What really caught our eye was the amazing cloud formations. The setting sun was burnt orange and the sun’s beams were shining through the clouds. Magnificent!

Photograph by Mia Fletcher

A Storm is Brewing – Photo by Mia Fletcher

Little did we know the clouds we had so admired were actually part of a huge storm. As the sun went down, the skies lit up with lightning. This was not your average lightning storm. It truly was a show like no other. There was continuous strobe-like blasts of light, as well as, lightning bolts shooting out in all directions. It made me think of when the paparazzi descend on some unexpected celebrity with cameras flashing.

Next, came the rain and it wasn’t coming down lightly. It was about that time when we started receiving emergency alerts on our cellphones warning of severe weather (as if we didn’t already know) and flash flood warnings. This was when the kids really started getting nervous. Being So Cal kids, they are not that familiar with storms and the questions started. What is a flash flood? Are we going to be in one? What if the lightning hits our truck or trailer? We tried to put their fears to rest but their nervousness was palatable.

We pulled off the freeway in the town of Needles so we could call Pirate Cove to get directions as our GPS couldn’t locate it. The water in the streets was already cresting over the curbs. We then found out we had to get back on the freeway and continue about 5 more miles to get to the resort. We just hoped we could make it. Right before crossing into Arizona we saw the exit. So glad to reach the security gate of the resort. The two guards on duty looked surprised when we rolled up in the downpour. They directed us to the closest spot to just plug in and hunker down. When we went to turn on the air conditioner we realized, it wasn’t working! What? We suffered through the muggy heat and let the rain on the roof and distant thunder lull us all to sleep.

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