One of my favorite parts of camping is cooking. Food always seems to taste better on the road. Maybe it’s because of all that fresh air, hiking and activities! Regardless, I take my camp kitchen planning pretty seriously.

If we are just going for three nights: easy! I can plan the whole trip. However, if we are on a longer adventure, I only plan for the first week of the trip, then plan on the fly for the rest. Roadside produce and local favorites then take front and center to our meals.

Here are my 6 steps to perfect meal planning:
Step 1: Check out the folder of interesting recipes that I’d like to try. Some of my favorite places to find inspiration are:, Lodge Cast Iron, and magazines such as Southern Living.

Step 2: Check each recipe for ease of preparation. Does it require too many steps to happen simultaneously? Does the recipe require multiple things to go into the oven at the same time? Would the recipe require me to bring specialized kitchen gadgets that I don’t normally take with me?

Step 3: Write my day-to-day meal plan under the categories of: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Add a column for snacks, drinks and dessert.

Step 4: Break down each meal by listing ALL ingredients needed including condiments and special kitchen gear – if necessary. Example:
Breakfast #1 – : Eggs, Sausage, and Toast







Orange Juice


Step 5: Make a list of items that you already have and need to pack and a list of things you need to purchase. Since I know what stores I buy things from, I break down items by store.

Have                   Trader Joe’s           Market
Eggs                   Milk                           Sausage

Butter                 Orange Juice           Bread



Step 6: This list will serve as a shopping list; checking off each item when purchased. Cross out and move item if unavailable at a store. This list is also your final kitchen packing list! On departure day, cross out each item as you pack it!

Some of our favorite meals for camping are:


Bacon, Egg and Cheese Burrito

Muffins & Fruit

Toast or Toasted English Muffins




Cheese & Crackers





Chili (use next day for chili dogs)

Crock-Pot  Roast (use next day for BBQ Beef sandwiches


Got a favorite recipe?  Please feel free to send it to me!




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