When we took our first RV camping trip, I wasn’t sure what we would need to outfit our trailer. Besides over-packing some items (like paper items and pans), there were other items that hadn’t even been on my radar. We made quite a few purchases on that first trip. As we purchased, I added to a list so I wouldn’t forget the next time.

If you own your RV, many of these items you put in once and they are there for every trip. Since we don’t own the trailer, we are in the same boat as many others who are renting a trailer or RV. Each trip, I would have to remember what I brought the trip before. I was always forgetting something so I combined the list of things we purchased on the road with everything else that I would remember to bring. Once complete, I had a list that included all the essential things that we use and need on the road and you can use it too! I turned my General RV Camping Packing List into a printable PDF file so you too can check off items as you pack! Use what you need and leave the rest. To make things easier, items have been placed into major categories such as:

  • Kitchen
  • Bath
  • Bedding
  • Outdoors
  • Toiletries
  • Kids Toys/Entertainment
  • Cleaning & Laundry Supplies

Here are some of the General RV items that I have found especially helpful in our travels:

Tip 1: Bring an inexpensive plastic tray. Either the kids or myself were making countless trips to the picnic table for each outdoor meal to drop off plates, condiments, drinks, etc. Then I saw a plastic tray on a trip to IKEA and knew I had found my answer!Simple Serving Tray

Tip 2: Bring a bucket. We normally don’t use the closet-size shower in the trailer and opt for the nice hot showers that most campgrounds offer. To make things easy, I use a bucket to carry all of our bath items to the showers. It is so convenient! Another use: When I am packing toiletries at home, I throw everything in the bucket to bring out to the trailer. There are plenty of other uses (such as cleaning little sandy feet after the day at the beach) and honestly, you just never know when a bucket will come in handy!

Recycled Kindergarten Bucket works great!

Recycled Kindergarten Bucket works great!


Tip 3: Bring a Laundry Sack. I bought one of these years ago and never used it. Now, it has found a purpose. We put the laundry bag in the closet and use it for storing dirty clothes. On laundry day, I sort through the clothes selecting the items I want to wash, reload the bag and head to the laundry room. I throw the bag into the load and then I have a clean bag to carry the folded clothes back to camp.


Tip 4: Buy an indoor/outdoor thermometer – It is so helpful to see what the outside temperature is before heading out of the trailer in the morning.

Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Thermometer

This packing list covers only one part of the packing puzzle. In the weeks ahead, I will be adding more packing lists for clothing (kids and adults), kid entertainment items for car and campsite, basic food items and baby necessities.

These lists are a work in progress. so if you see an important item that is not on the list, leave a comment! Or, if you have tips or tricks from your experiences, please feel free to share it.

Click Here to Download the General RV Camping Packing List



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