Packing…. not usually the favorite part of  RV camping, or any travel really.  For me, camping was always a little overwhelming as there were so many areas of things that needed to be packed.  It’s like setting up a house with many different areas that need to be addressed such as:

  • Kitchen
  • Bath
  • Bedding
  • Outdoors
  • Toiletries
  • Kids Toys/Entertainment
  • Cleaning & Laundry Supllies


If you own your an RV, many of these items you put in once and they are always there for each trip.  Since we don’t own our trailer, we are in the same boat as many others who are renting an trailer or RV.   Over the course of our trips, I have compiled the most essential things that we use and need.  I have put this into a PDF that you can print and check off as you go to get you started.  If you find an important item that is not on the list, please leave a comment!

There are a few ideas that have worked really well for us that I would like to share:

Tip 1: Buy an inexpensive plastic tray (I found mine at Ikea).  Either my kids or myself were making countless trips to the picnic table for each meal to drop off  plates, condiments, drinks, etc. Then I saw a plastic tray on a trip to Ikea and knew I had found my answer!

Tip 2: Bring a bucket.  We normally don’t use the closet size shower in the trailer and usually opt for the nice hot showers that most campgrounds offer.  I use the bucket to carry all of our shower items to the showers.  It is so convenient!  Another use: I throw in all my toiletries as I go through our bathrooms and get out to the trailer.  You be surprised all the things you can do with a bucket while camping!

Tip 3: Bring a Laundry Sack.  I owned one of these for years and never used it until we camped.  We put it in a closet and use it as a dirty clothes bag.  On laundry day, I sort through the clothes selecting the items I want to wash, reload the bag and head to the laundry room.  I can even fold clothes and get them back in the bag for carrying back to the trailer!

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