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Joshua Tree National Park – Twentynine Palms, CA

"Joshua Tree National Park is immense, nearly 800,000 acres, and infinitely variable. It can seem unwelcoming, even brutal during the heat of summer when, in fact, it is delicate and extremely fragile. This is a land shaped by strong winds, sudden torrents of rain, and climatic extremes. Rainfall is sparse and unpredictable. Streambeds are usually dry and waterholes are few. Viewed in summer, this land may appear defeated and dead, but within this parched environment are intricate living systems waiting for the opportune moment to reproduce. The individuals, both plant and animal, that inhabit the park are not individualists. They depend on their entire ecosystem for survival." National Park Service Website

You really have to visit Joshua Tree National Park to truly appreciate its beauty.  The iconic Joshua Trees are everywhere, some have been around for a very long time.  You can tell by their multiple limbs casting strange shadows toward the end of the day.

There are many activities to partake here in this desert landscape including: *Backcountry Roads, Geology Motor Tour, Hiking, Nature Walks, Photography, Ranger & Junior Ranger programs, Rock Climbing and Stargazing.

We have done one hike in the park which is called Lost Palms Oasis which was a 7.3 mile out and back hike.  It is not recommended for small ones.   We have mostly down the Nature Walks.  Our favorites are:

Barker Dam, Cholla Cactus Garden (a must), Cottonwood Springs, Oasis of Mara, and Skull Rock.


There are 9 different campgrounds offering about 500 developed campsites.  Most campgrounds in Joshua Tree are first-come, first-served, throughout the year. Reservations are available for Black Rock and Indian Cove campgrounds during the busy season from October through May.

Bring water with you!! Water is available at only a few locations around the edges of the park:

Black Rock Campground
Cottonwood Campground
Oasis Visitor Center in Twentynine Palms
Indian Cove Ranger Station (no RV water access)
West Entrance (no RV water access)

Plan ahead and bring at least two gallons of water per person, per day for your trip to Joshua Tree.

There are no hookups for RVs at any campground in Joshua Tree. Black Rock and Cottonwood Campgrounds have RV-accessible potable water and dump stations. At Hidden Valley and White Tank Campgrounds, RVs and trailers may not exceed a combined maximum length of 25 feet.
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